Sunday, August 30, 2009

Restaurants: Denver 'TasteCasting' Works!

Denver 'TasteCasting' utilizes social networking and social media by combining great people and good food to benefit the many food and drink establishments in our area. If your establishment is looking to spread the word about a grand opening, new product, new menu or special offer, TasteCasting can help increase awareness by driving traffic to your website and encouraging people to visit your establishment to experience it for them selves.

We currently have a team of 80 socially connected bloggers, twitters, flicker, and youtuber’s who share words, video, and photographs of things they enjoy. To host a TasteCasting your establishment could invite as many of the team members that you would like to a TasteCasting. You would provide a complimentary tasting/tour experience.

Simms Steakhouse Hosts Denver 'TasteCasting' Event. 'Play Video'

"Tastecasting' On Twitter Comes To Colorado" by CBS4 Denver News

In return, each TasteCasting member in attendance will broadcast the event at no cost to our Facebook friends, Linkedin Connections, and Twitter followers. Members will also post photos, comments about the establishment, the food and the event, as well as web links to our blogs, Flicker, Youtube and Viddler accounts. TasteCasters will also create a landing page for your establishment on our site – This is our central location for information on TasteCasting, as well as information on participating establishments. Each establishment receives their own landing page packed full of links, information, photos, and more.
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