Monday, September 14, 2009

Denver TastePromoters at White Fence Farm

TastePromoters gives up!
Anxious to start this tasting, we had really high expectations from a previous visit here. This family style restaurant reminds me of an Amish-Country family restaurant. We pulled into the large parking lot at 6263 West Jewell Avenue, in Lakewood, CO. directions ->(map).

White Fence Farm serves dinner Tuesday thru Saturday, 4:30 - 8:30 PM, Sunday, 11:30 - 8:00 PM.

The Carry-Out opens at 4:00 Tuesday thru Saturday, and at 11:30 on Sunday. The Farm is closed Mondays and during the month of January. Seating done as quickly as possible on a walk-in basis. Reservations for 15-up.

Once in side we were greeted with such courtesy from moment we came inside. We had to hold back the desire to begin looking around, don't wonder far because they really do seat quickly. Be sure to look later, there is a lot to see on the farm.

There is so much dining space here; I thought to my self; as they took us down the hall to room 2. They even offer a special room for couples that needs a little quite time (sorry, no young-ones allowed in this room), so just sit back and relax around by the fire place.

Our personal waitress was Kaelee, and her service card states.
"Welcome! I'm Kaelee and Just Cluck if you need anything !!"

First you will get to begin with these tasty side dishes: The farm's famous hot corn fritters, pickled red beets, creamy coleslaw, scrumptious kidney bean salad, and special blend cottage cheese. All guests will also have a choice of baked, mashed or fried potato. We'll be happy to bring you more corn fritters and salads anytime you request.
Come on in and try these delicious treats

OK, now we get to dig into those great tasting bottom less corn fritters. These fritters are very balanced between sweetness and flavor with each bite. Trust me you'll just love'em! My wife's favorites were the pickled red beets and the kidney bean salad; brings back those home cooked memories.

Now for the main course, The White Fence Farm's own Specialty! Family Style Farm Chicken one-half Chicken (4 pieces) per person, which was more than enough for me. If you love chicken and want to try something else, we recommend the Broiled Fillet of White Fish.

We surely enjoyed this meal once again and hope to try their deserts on the next visit. One thing to note for next time, save room for desert! Such great service, attentive to our needs and that's important to us. After dinner we were invited to take the in-house tour from Manager/Co-Owner: Mike Wuestner. Mike took us through the kitchen operations and how this famous chicken is processed.

By the way, it is made fresh to order every time. We strolled through the kitchen, prep area, and off to the carryout side of the business. After this inside tour of how much room they can accommodate, from public rooms to private ones, they really can serve any size group so don't worry about being cramped here.

Let's go to the American barn area now where they have live music, check website for band schedules and times.

The White Fence Farm has everything, from a petting zoo to the kids tree house play ground. So take some time and let them play.

So the next time your wanting to take the family out for a home styled cooked meal, come on down to White Fence Farm. So many ways to relax and please your taste buds, and allowing the kids to play and have fun. You wont be disappointed. Please mention you've read about them on Denveratlast's Denver 'TasteCasting' news blog.

Thank you White Fence Farm!
Kyle J Soltesz (Denveratlast)
Denver 'TasteCasting' - founding captain for Colorado

Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taking on The Brothers BBQ Challenge!

Brothers BBQ vs Denver 'TasteCasting'

This Wednesday night began with a BBQ challenge from Brothers BBQ Co., located on 6Th & Washington. Now with eight locations to serve up BBQ flavor, they can also deliver right to your home or business. Catering is the way to go too, because these brothers can enhance your party with the best BBQ diners, that come complete with 6 tasty sides to choose from.

The Brothers BBQ began making us 'Beef' ribs, Beef/Pork/Chicken sandwiches, delicious 'Hot Sausage Links' and not to forget the large side dishes like; the 'Brothers BBQ Beans', 'Potato Salad', 'Creamy Coleslaw', 'Mashed Red Potatoes with Gravy', and Super Tasting 'French Fries'; which came in large quantities enough to serve 20 people. They served us outside on the open patio; the best looking dishes which had a nice complimenting smoked- flavored aromas, that filled the air.

So much delicious looking BBQ food, where does one begin! First on my list was to try these BBQ ribs. The beef ribs were dressed with the Brothers 'Original' BBQ sauce; I could not believe the flavor of this sauce on top of these beef ribs; all I can say is, "This is how BBQ ribs are supposed to taste... down right awesome!" Next in my site was super tasting 'Hot links'; I was not disappointed with these, which are by far my favorite. Now, no BBQ party could survive without having great BBQ: beef, pork or chicken sandwiches. The quantities were so large that everyone could of had 4 sandwiches each.

Now about the Brothers BBQ sides which complimented this outdoor party; sides like 'Potato Salad (plain, simple, mustard-based and delicious), 'Creamy Cole Slaw (Old Family recipe with creamy dressing), 'Brothers BBQ Beans (Award-winning, a little spicy with tender pork), 'Mashed Potatoes' (Mashed skin-on red potatoes topped with hearty gravy), and now for my favorite large sized 'French Fries' (1/4 in. cut, skin on, cooked to order).

When I thought we were finished with all this BBQ, they surprised us with large, mouth watering BBQ chicken wings, now that was a special BBQ treat for me! Everyone agreed that is is a wonderful place to really taste BBQ in any form. We cannot forget to mention the Brothers BBQ sauce comes in 4 delicious flavors: 'Hot, Sweet, Original, and Carolina Mustard'.

Buy The Brothers BBQ Sauce on-line

Denver 'TasteCasting' wanted to hear all about the story on these two brothers about how this venture started. The Brothers BBQ owners are Chris & Nick O'Sullivan (brothers), and Leo Amigoni (partner & friend)

*Nick O'Sullivan was not available for this interview.

Now is your mouth watering yet! Next time your in the mood for great BBQ and don't want to wait. Give Brothers BBQ a try, "Nice outdoor Patio with long picnic tables, great food with a sweet aroma of BBQ in the air". Even hold a football party inside with large eating area and watch the game on TV, and let Brothers do the rest all the rest.

So What Are You Waiting For!