Sunday, November 8, 2009

Denver Gourmet's Chocolate Tour.

TastePromoters Takes Chocolate Tour.

Denver Gourmet Tours owner Chelly Vitry, has a wonderful tasting experience concept; tasting and touring with chauffeured transportation is a very nice touch. With pre-planned exciting stops, Chelly Vitry has scoped out each one personally to ensure the greatest experience on could have on her tours.

Tour stops included a tasting, sampling, and presentation; what else could one ask for. On our tour we had a total of 5 local shops to visit. The time was close to 4 hours long, but time didn't drag or move to fast, it was at a nice pace. So come and follow along our tour and see what we had seen. Check out Denver Gourmet Tours and see what the next tour has instore for you!

My wife and I both recommend this for a fun time or date! @ChellyVitry on Twitter.
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First Stop: "Living The Sweet Life" 

Second Stop: "Little Man Ice Cream"

Third Stop: "Wystone World Teas"

Fourth Stop: "Wens Chocolates"

Fifth Stop: "Savory Spice Shop"