Saturday, October 3, 2009

RNR Coffee Cafe In Black Forest, CO.

RNR Coffee Cafe 11425 Black Forest Road, 5 mins. NE of Colorado Springs.       Only 20 mins. from Castle Rock.
Time For A Visit
To get there take I-25 South to exit #153 and turn East, only 7 miles from I-25 (map) This place is very easy to find and after you taste their food & drinks, you'll be glad you stopped in.

Denver Taste Promoters and TasteCasting, joined with Colorado Springs TasteCasting team today for some country style cooking. We began a little walking around tour of this cozy country kitchen and this is what we seen. Just inside the door this is the dinning area looking towards the front counter. On the left is looking back from the counter. Doesn't this look really nice!

*Picture by Ryan Wanner

"The RNR COffee Cafe Menu"
There menu is new each week and you can look ahead in the week to see what is upcoming on their website beging each Tuesday evening. They begin each Tuesday morning discussing the menu, and many request come from a many of there patrons that spend many hours of their time enjoying this relaxing atmosphere, here in the Black Forest. I really love fried chicken and I'm willing to come back again for this dinner of choice; let's see if it's on the menu for next Friday. Here is their menu.                            

Let The Tasting Begin
With our choice of drink, Candied Pumpkin Latte, Moose and Swirl: "a little chocolate, a little caramel, and a touch of macadamia nut", and my choice the Pumpkin Spice Latte, also pictureed below. We were very spoiled to get such fancy drinks here, and they were delicious for sure!

Tasting RNR Coffee Cafe
Now for the food: looking top-left about 11 o'clock, French Toast: available on Wednesday and Saturdays only as long as the loaf lasts -"homemade cinnamon walnut raisin bread sliced thick then dredged through an amaretto batter. It's then grilled to a perfect golden brown and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Served with fresh fruit".

Cinnamon Roll: "with cranberries & almonds inside", Southern Style Biscuits and Gravy: "Made with the chef's own grandmother recipe, huge pieces of sausage into a homemade white gravy, this has won praise from all the locals".

Chicken Quesadilla: "Our famous quesadillas with a twist! Choose Three Cheese (cheddar, swiss, and pepperjack) or Lime-grilled chicken and cheddar. We'll add tomato, green chilles, and jalapeño (if you like) and prepare it to the perfect "crisp on the outside, gooey on the in" that you've come to love. We then serve it with a black bean sauce and your choice of salsa or sour cream", and finally Roast Beef Special: "Thinly sliced roast beef with onion, tomato, and smoked provolone served on our herb focaccia with our Roasted Red Pepper Mayonnaise".

"Each one is highly recommended, but I liked the Roast Beef Special especially, as my number one favorite."

                     Now check out this tasty desert - Black Forrest Cake!

Denver TastePromoters would like to send out a Big- thank you to RnR Coffee Cafe staff and to owners: Ryan Wanner (Owner / Roast Master) & Robert Hudson.(Owner / Executive Chef). Also a special thank you, to Bill Flentje (Colorado Springs captain).

Denver TastePromoters interview Robert Hudson (Executive Chef).

Well, after this great tasting here in the Black Forest, I am very happy to have made the drive from Denver. You'll love the scenic drive and once your there you can relax country style. Come out for dinner or stop in for a hot coffee latte with a delicious pastry.
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Kyle J Soltesz
Denver Taste Promoters- founder
Denver TasteCasting - founding captain for Colorado

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